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Targeted Marketing

“Do you help people on Google? That is all they want”

One of the more interesting discussions I have with folks from time to time is explaining exactly what this venture is with AHMDigital. Sometimes it is easy; sometimes it is harder.

As a lawyer for decades, including years where we were putting large amounts of dollars out in various marketing mediums all looking for that elusive silver bullet to get cases and then to get more and better cases, you learned there were various ways of accomplishing what you wanted. The beauty of hyper-focused, targeted digital marketing is just that. You focus your resources where it matters. Ideally, you’re saving spending in areas where it doesn’t. It is not always easy to understand the differences.

One of the greatest lawyers I have ever known was John Haight, a man with an amazing track record representing numerous corporations throughout West Virginia in trials likely well over several hundred spanning his illustrious career. I learned much from him, and in this endeavor, one legal truism stands out in digital marketing: “You tell your clients what they need to hear, not just what they want to hear.”

After spending time, energy and study, we do this pretty well in the spaces where we can help. We are a targeted and focused team who can likely help your enterprise. Yes, even getting you “up in the Google rankings,” but even more so helping your business with the right messaging overall, consistently so it’s not just being ranked, it’s getting results.

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