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How a Mobile App Made Purchasing Easy

After a recent porch sitting session with my neighbor, I decided to take the plunge and switch to cruelty-free products. During this learning period I’ve contemplated how people ever accomplished major changes in purchasing prior to the internet.

Generation X grew up in a time when global information was gleaned through magazines and newspapers, but unless you became a member of an organization whose cause would mail information, you were limited on resources. We were at the mercy of our peer groups, local retailers and print media for health and lifestyle matters, so we didn’t give it much thought, or at least I didn’t.

My recent switch of products has been made simple through the Cruelty-Cutter mobile app, which provides lists of those companies that do not test on animals as well as a bar code scanner for quickly referencing specific items. There is also a list in the same app of companies that do test. In 1995 we would have had to carry a book with us, leaf through for information, and hope our latest version was up to date.

According to Pew Research, in the year 2000 nearly half (48%) of American adults did not use the internet. That number has fallen to 10% as of April 2019. Internet at our fingertips has opened up the global market to consumers but has also provided opportunities for brick-and-mortar stores to provide tailored customer experiences and serve niche markets both in person and through e-commerce.

Digital advertising tailored to each user has benefitted both the user and the company whose goal is to target people with specific interests. Changing purchasing habits are now painless through Google searches and e-commerce. Some may long for the good old days, but I’m happy to be here in 2019 when a conversation with a friend can open up a new way of thinking and putting my money where my heart is. My dogs approve.

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