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Seeing light through the darkness of a pandemic

As a business you are always looking ahead and planning. Right now there is no doubt the immediate future looks bleak. Far too many individuals as well as businesses are suffering, and we are likely headed for a bleak winter of death due to this horrible disease. Regardless of the contentious political debates of 2020, we know the virus is real, is here and so many in our communities are being affected in many ways.

We expect this winter to have more shutdowns, closures and, with an impasse of congressional inaction since the last coronavirus relief package, more financial pain as well. Spring should bring warmer temperatures, more outside movements good for health and commerce and more vaccinations. That will accelerate during the summer and into the fall. Though it will be absolutely critical to public health and increasing commerce that more people need to become vaccinated and, for many, mask wearing indoors will persist into 2022.

Let’s focus on what you as a business can do to plan for the next year, which will be transformative in many ways. The positive news of safe and effective vaccines being on the way is an incredible bright spot for 2021 forward but only if widespread vaccinations follow. As a responsible business you should encourage all your employees at every level to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Encouraging and enforcing smart advice regarding proper mask wearing, social distancing and hand washing can help you distinguish your enterprise as being a safe and responsible community member as you help stop the spread.

Everyone now knows more and more people and businesses are online, and that trend will continue. As noted, we see the shifts in commerce and client and customer engagement shifting more and more to online, if not for the actual transaction, then for finding, identifying details and engagement between businesses and those transacting with them. Clearly being proactive and improving your enterprise’s online presence is critical in every phase.

Be found. Nothing is more frustrating that being missed by the prospect you want. We help you develop and promote your digital presence so that your prospects can find you. As one friend asked, so you can help me be found on Google? Yes, most definitely.

Once found, your digital presence will dictate your level of engagement. We want to ensure that the right prospects for your enterprise remain engaged online with you enough to feel confident and comfortable enough to begin the process of transaction.

This is what we do. Websites, social media, branding, messaging, ad placements and campaigns all designed to accomplish a positive ROI. It is forefront in what we do: helping you make money. There are many tools in the digital space toolkit, plus we also can assist with coordinating all your campaigns and activities.

The point now as we write this in December 2020 is truly do not put off, until times are better, building the right foundations and beginning the process now. You need to be there, online and ready and working in the first six months of 2021 so you may carry the momentum and benefits well into fall 2021 and into the following years.

We can guarantee you your competition will be thinking of ways they can come out ahead of you. Where do you want to be? Reach out to us at or call us at (304)415-6868.

We can’t help if you don’t call.

Stay safe. Wear a mask.

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