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Seeking insight into the new normal - what is your process?

"Don’t think about winning the SEC Championship. Don’t think about the national championship. Think about what you needed to do in this drill, on this play, in this moment. That’s the process: Let’s think about what we can do today, the task at hand.”

— Nick Saban

West Virginia native Nick Saban has often been recognized as one of the greatest college football coaches. He is a follower of cognitive behavioral thinking. Nick Saban formulated process thinking with the help of psychology professor Lionel Rosen while he was the head coach at Michigan State University. How we transfer these lessons to our businesses can lead to great success if the right processes are implemented.

AHMDIGITAL is far more than a digital marketing firm. When you are ready for us to be your trusted partner in your success, we help you understand and develop the right process for you to thrive.

We look at how your business has been operating, from client/customer intake, first contact, followup and transition into client/customer/patient, servicing and securing payments for such relationship to managing either an ongoing or concluding experience and subsequent action to ensure high levels of CSI (customer satisfaction index) for referrals and/or subsequent business.

Every business needs to understand their processes, be they highly organized, measured and tracked or be they haphazard or by chance. You need to know, and one of the best ways is having a trusted partner like AHMDIGITAL who can help you along the way. We want to help your business understand its processes now and look at refining them. We can assist you in not only acquiring those qualified prospects but also how you improve your processes.

We understand this challenge to your business. You are concerned about  how and when your business will come out of this pandemic. What changes as well as challenges lie ahead into the post pandemic world. How cash flow is so threatened now. The fear of what you don’t know.

Businesses that adapt and use these times to prepare for the new normal as we come out of the pandemic will be the ones to prosper. Who gains market share? Who loses it? What will your competitors do? Will you see new competition? The failure of existing ones? These thoughts as well as many others are likely causing you some restless nights. The bigger question is what you will do as the business owner or decision maker.

We started AHMDIGITAL to help businesses do better. We work with you to understand your current processes and to refine and develop better ones. We want to help you improve your business so you may thrive. Part of that is gathering data and numerous points, analyzing them, setting process improvements and implementing them.

Make no mistake; this is hard. Many businesses don’t want to share the data, where they even have it, in certain areas. Does your business look at customer acquisition paths? What is your acquisition cost per customer? What is each new customer worth in average revenue? Profits per customer? Which customers or clients consume more resources from your business? Which ones are delivering the greatest ROI? Do you measure ROI or just look at the overall bottom line?

As a trusted partner, we help you navigate this process if you want to. Many clients of ours just want the digital advertising and marketing skills we bring to the table, but for those who desire more, we are here to help you with that deeper dive. Examples are lawyers who seek help with better understanding what a case management software program can do to help their practice. Another may be a financial advisor better understanding their typical client and how to integrate a comprehensive client acquisition plan across personal appearances, digital marketing and building referrals all while following and adhering to necessary securities regulatory guidelines.

For the higher-end real estate market, understanding who you want into your prospective sales funnel and helping to develop and employ the tools in the digital video and placement toolbox to reach that unique market is critical. One doesn’t want to just use the socket wrench when you really need to secure the nut with the wrench on the other side. You want to use all the tools properly. That is what we at AHMDIGITAL do for our trusted partners.

Take the time to start your process flow chart. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Start with pen on paper and take it through as it applies to your business. Leave room to add data points later after you review your financials. The important things now are to start understanding your processes, formal or informal, then adding in data at points where we can then analyze and look at what is next.

When you are ready, we are here. Let’s talk. Start the conversation at It is confidential. Be it phone, email, Zoom, FaceTime or even in person socially distanced, we are here to help your business as a trusted partner.

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