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The lawyer in digital spaces - 2022

We are now starting to come out of a pandemic which has changed and modified how people interact including engaging in searches for professional services. Online use by everyone has accelerated, many times in unhealthy ways but also in people doing more frequent dives, often shallow and sometimes deep, for more information on topics they are interested in.

As a lawyer you have always been wanting to effectively and efficiently get more of the right clients and matters for your practice. We can likely help you in doing just that. I say likely because we work best with clients who view us as partners in helping their practices improve and that involves working together. Unfortunately sometimes lawyers don’t want to do here what they need to do. I get it as a lawyer I had to deal with that side for decades, now I’m on the digital side and understand. We are here to help you.

Make no mistake, there are bigger, glossier firms catering to lawyers in the digital space. That isn’t us. What we are is laser focused on helping you, your firm and your practice in your market. It’s about understanding your niches, how your practice operates, where are there impediments to doing better, where we can help from an area like a trusted advisor who knows and understands building a law firm over years before selling to an associate.

We sometimes say, as we did recently to a prospective client, they already have a great web site. We had another who admitted our suggestions were important but he needed us to push him to do what he needed to do. We have another who needed to understand his best future from both a financial and emotionally rewarding basis is to niche down to one area where he can dominate and own that space in his market.

We need to meet with you, learn about you and your practice and then come back with you with a personalized plan. We give you insights which you will really think about. We know if we can help you, we will. If it isn’t a good fit we will also share that. We don’t want every prospective clients, our team wants to work with great clients where over the time you are with us you will see a solid ROI and will enjoy the process.

We likely won’t be at the big conferences, won’t have booth babes and glossy displays and even a glossy web site. Our laser focus is finding those firms who really want to bring us on as valued partners and work to build what is needed. We can Zoom our initial calls and are happy to meet in person (We are fully vaccinated and boosted) but you need to reach out to begin the conversation.

If I knew 20 years ago what we as a team know now, it would have been faster/easier and even more successful scaling and niching my law firm. Lessons learned which you can now benefit from. When you are ready, we are here. Harry F. Bell, Jr. CEO & Chief Creative Officer Almost Heaven Media, LLC Suite 201 WVU Equities House 900 Virginia Street East Charleston, WV 25301

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