Sarah Stone

Creative Strategist

Sarah Stone is pursuing her Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications at West Virginia University, with a focus in Data Analytics, starting in the fall of 2019. 

Outside of school and AHM digital, Sarah works as Advanced Technical Graduate Assistant for West Virginia University Information Technology Services and 4-H Marketing Program Assistant for University of Maryland Extension.

Sarah’s passion lies in ocean and environmental conservation. In her free time you will find her traveling to coastal locations and participating in outdoor activities such as hiking and kayaking. As a West Virginia native, she is proud to work for companies that are focused on bettering the state.

  1. Food item I can’t live without? Potatoes. Potatoes in any form are a STAPLE in my life. However, I am partial to french fries, if given a choice.

  2. Best advice you have ever received? Live your life for yourself.

  3. Least favorite household chore: Dishes, unless I do dishes immediately after they have been used. I cannot stand lukewarm, wet dishes that have been left in the sink.

  4. Favorite outdoor smell: Nothing beats the smell of salty, ocean air.

  5. Describe yourself in 3 words: Hardworking. Realistic. Creative.