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  • Harry F. Bell, Jr., Esq.

Building Relationships even when you cannot meet demand - how to do it right

Porsche Cars North America has an interesting dilemma. Demand is clearly exceeding supply and while Porsche AG is doing all they can the global demand for their exceptional products has continued throughout the pandemic. Now Porsche faces supply chain issues exacerbated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, shipping backlogs and chip shortages.

To add in further complexity the parent company has had challenges with the software needed in the shift to electrification. Let’s factor in expansion of manufacturing facilities in Germany. Yet for an organization which is the epitome of excellence at every level, these challenges are being managed and they have been well focused in building relationships.

Let’s see what they are doing. Number one is building some of the most desirable motor vehicles in the world. Exceptional performance and reliability come together to drive customer satisfaction in the products. The building of Experience Centers in Atlanta and in Southern California allows customers and prospects to enjoy driving experiences across all models with professional instruction, retail shopping with Porsche Design and related products, quality dining, and at each facility an opportunity to host meetings and events.

Experiences such as the incredibly popular Rennsport Reunion, coming again to Laguna Seca in 2023 has the faithful excited. The written materials and an obvious investment in limited edition vehicles such as the 911 Speedster below insures exposure in media as well as direct to consumers. Building the brand as it is constantly positioned where it needs to be. The excellent publication, Christophorus is always a delight. Every automobile enthusiast publication is always excited to drive a Porsche and the reviews reflect this.

A rich history of supporting Porsche Clubs like #PorscheClubofAmerica insures that enthusiasts' voices are heard at a plethora of club events around the country. Porsche recognizes it is not just about the cars but it is also about the people.

Many dealers now after investing in first-class facilities also see the depth of client reviews can now allow down to the individual level, attention to key performers in the dealerships who interact with clients. Loaner Porsches for service, dealers hosting more events such as cars & coffees all develop a rich web of opportunities to interact with customers who are exceedingly loyal.

Between the Manufacturer, the distributor, and the dealers, Porsche is building a deep network of loyal connections. As supply improves Porsche insures the demand is always there. If you know, you know. Porsche. There is no substitute.

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