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Fun social media ideas to promote your business during these trying times

The routine has changed. Our days of in person meetings and conferences have been replaced with webinars and video chats during the day, followed up with even more screen time in the evenings. 

Many of the big budget industries such as automobile manufacturers and hotels have scaled back their advertising or completely dropped off. With less competition from online advertisers and higher digital media consumption, the opportunity exists to set your business up for increased sales once the COVID-19 pandemic is over. This is especially true for any business related to food, home improvement or decor. It stands to reason that if people are spending more time at home they are going to find things that need fixed or want to beautify their surroundings.

We understand that finances are tight, the future is uncertain, and we would love to work with you under the right circumstances. Please do not view this as a solicitation. There are things you can do on your own right now that can benefit your business.

   *  Do you get the same questions over and over? Answer them in a short video.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, an iPhone video will do for social media. 

   *  Video a product demonstration.

   *  Host a “How To”. Even the simplest things can create engagement.

You’re an expert! Share a bit of your knowledge. 

   *  Share some of the latest trends from your industry.

This is a trying time for everyone but especially small business. Keeping your brand in front of people and creating good content now, while most people are not as busy, is a good use of time that can have long lasting benefits.

Hang in there.

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