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Lose a client or build a valuable partnership?

Have you ever opened a bill and looked at it and thought, what is this? Be it unexpected or what you believe is excessive or untimely, you stop and pause enough to question it. It rose to the level of annoyance that caused you to hesitate a bit. Where does this moment lead in your business relationship? Every single day we engage in what some say are routine business transactions. Goods are sold, services are provided, and billing is attendant to the transaction. Be it a business or even a personal meal where you and your associates are out dining and at the conclusion of the meal you are presented the bill, your option should be paying for the meals and giving a generous tip for exceptional service. A personal reminder was an exceptional dinner at the incredibly impressive 1010 Bridge this week where the food was exceptional and the service by Maddie and the bartender were top flight and warranted a nice gratuity and a positive review. That leaves a good feeling. You received good value for whatever was rendered and you are pleased to pay for it. Those delivering the service swell with pride for a job well done and well compensated. Now let’s look at the business or personal billing for goods and services that give pause. Was it your sloppy delivery installers for your new washer who switched the hot and cold hookups? Shout out to Lowe’s for that recent experience. Was it a bill for goods or services that you had to pause and think, what is this for? In a recent effort to explain to a prospect what we do, I did my best on a shortened call to talk about how we want to be a valued partner in the success of your business. It is called adding value. Our strong suit is listening, probing, suggesting and learning as we work together to help ensure your success. It's not just about making your phone ring or getting a web inquiry or having people walk through your doors. It is all about helping your business be able to realize its potential and being in alignment with your goals. We want to add value and make sure you view us as a trusted and valued partner. That is what it is all about. We get it. We are small and are not trying to be all things for all clients. We aren’t trying to have our clients compete against one another. We want to be part of your team. This is why we want to make it simple, why we are here for you — calls, zooms, in person and online to answer questions, bounce ideas off you and dive into data. We don’t bill each time for that; it’s not our style and it’s why we are different. You cannot have that kind of relationship with your clients if you feel you are looked upon as getting nickeled and dimed for everything. That isn’t building a relationship of trust and having a partnership toward each side’s success. In over 41 years of practicing law, I have learned a few lessons on client relations that we have embedded in our culture at AHMDigital. It starts with respect and doing our best to add value. It comes from understanding when we are brought on board we want to be a valued and respected partner in your success. Our goal isn’t to be thought of as your digital presence vendor but to be here to help you and your business as valuable partners. We aren’t for everyone, but if we are on your team, we are truly here for you. No petty charges.

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