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Name Image and Likeness – US Supreme Court Ruling Opens the door for College Athletes

Beginning July 1, 2021 the NCAA has suspended NIL rules for all incoming and current student athletes in all sports.

This means you as a student athlete can engage in this type of activity without violating NCAA rules relating to NIL. You are also allowed to use a professional provider for NIL activities but also be mindful of school and conference requirements for reporting your NIL activities.

This is seismic shift for college athletics, and we see many opportunities arising while at the same time also potential pitfalls. This where we can be of service to you – the student athlete.

Your name, image and likeness is your brand. This is “you” and how you manage this will be a key as to marketability and value. All directly impact the bottom line. You will want to understand how to build your brand in such a fashion that will allow you to monetize in a proper way while at the same time build your value over time. Your audience is in large part those businesses who will want to see a positive impact for their business by an association with you.

As a trusted advisor on NIL opportunities, AHMDigital brings to you the benefit of a unique team as our owner is a highly successful attorney and businessman. Our advertising and marketing team has years of experience in those fields and together they have formed a unique and highly personal and technology presence in the digital marketing space which bodes well for any student athlete seeking to monetize their NIL, all while making sure they do not run afoul of rules or regulations which could derail college eligibility.

As consistent with our founder’s decades of experience as a lawyer and with the normal AHMDigital practice, there is no fee or charge for having a discussion with us at AHMDigital to better learn how we might help you.

If you are a college athlete, please reach out to start the discussion or call 304-546-9281

We are here to help you!

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