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NIL -- College athletes, what is your brand?

Following the U.S. Supreme Court ruling and under the latest NCAA guidelines, you now may receive compensation for your name, image or likeness. But now you are thinking, how do I do it? Or even more accurately, how do I do it well?

So many athletes are designing logos and coming up with slogans for shirts and other clothing right away. Others are doing paid autograph appearances, and others still are looking at a variety of other options.

But first we are going to suggest that you step back and think of you as a brand. What does that mean and where do you figure out what is your brand? Oftentimes you may think it’s one thing, yet from the public perspective it may be something else entirely. We recommend you go through the process where you look at yourself from outside perspectives so you learn what others see what your brand is now. What are you best known for? Other than your undoubtedly stellar athleticism, what do people perceive in you as they think of you when you’re not in uniform? What about you would cause an agency, a business or group decide to pay you to obtain the benefit of your NIL? These are important questions.

There are now and will be many opportunities to make money off your NIL, but also there are pitfalls and traps that could lead to a loss of eligibility and/or scholarship loss. This is one reason why you tread carefully.

Working with trusted advisers who can help you analyze and develop a brand that fits you and that you are proud of while maximizing revenue opportunities is critical. Watch out for counterproductive “deals” to you and your brand.

Whether you talk with us at or others, make sure your first step is working to bring your brand into alignment. It should be to maximize your goals over your college career and beyond. Our founder, who happens to be a lawyer, has years of litigation experience and can offer a wealth of insight to you as a student athlete in this new, emerging area.

Don’t just jump on the quick and easy money that may be there. Look to build your brand and maximize your values while not spreading yourself too thin. We are here to help you. The initial consultations are free. Just reach out to us — — to set up time to talk. We are here to help you.

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