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Parler has a short window to fix issues

For anything on the web to have value, it must be accessible. This is a cardinal rule of any web-based offering but especially true for social media platforms.

Since Sunday, November 8, in an attempt to gain information to post a review of Parler with insight that may be useful to our followers, the staff at AHMdigital has made multiple attempts to set up personal accounts through both desktop and mobile applications.  Every attempt resulted in being unable to proceed past the captcha phase. Search results confirm that others are experiencing this along with timeout errors and unauthorized errors. Those who have been successful in creating accounts often have trouble viewing the timeline. 

Will Parler become a household name with a vast audience and along with it the advertising opportunities necessary to scale and build itself into a major player such as Facebook and Twitter? Time will tell, but in the meantime there are a lot of glitches that must be worked out before the human attention span moves on to the next big thing. 

Photo credit: Viktoria Goda

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