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Behind the Curtain

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

“Good work ain’t cheap, cheap work ain’t good.” - Sailor Jerry One of the problems in the digital advertising world is that people don’t understand what goes on behind the curtain. Look in just about any coffee shop in America and you will see people with laptops who are doing internet marketing, social media pages, website design, etc. They work for cheap, and much of what they do will pass muster on the surface, but there are nuances behind design when it comes to website security, placing content, buying ad space and tracking performance, which take far more talent. If you’ve ever had a contract worker just disappear on you without giving you login information to your assets, you understand. When you put your brand in someone’s hands, you’re doing so with a tremendous amount of trust. Do they have professional liability insurance should something occur that lands you and your company in hot water? It’s rare, but it happens. Most small businesses can’t afford the fallout of litigating such matters. Recently we had a complex issue arise with a client. It required a deeper dive into analytics. We have a consultant with a Ph.D. in data analytics, and he helped develop a solution. Early in 2019, we were approached by another client whose long-gone marketing person had left their domain unattended with a now-defunct registrar. Cue another expert to untangle that particular problem.  The capability of not only the people on the team but also our ability to know the consultants to bring in allows us to provide the best personal attention to our clients.  Your marketing agency should have a deep pool of resources. This is a relatively new form of media, and unlike other forms, the digital space is vast. If you meet someone who tells you they’re an expert in every single aspect of it, they’re not being honest. Integrated marketing specialists have a much different skill set than videographers, web developers and graphic designers. 

Before you turn over your brand to someone, make sure they have a track record of stability and the resources to manage your interests should the need arise.

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